Eos Community Consulting CIC is a Northern Ireland based management consultancy that works for community benefit. We are a social enterprise whose goal is to provide professional consultancy and support services with a real community focus.


Eos Community Consulting CIC works with, and for, both the third and public sectors.  Our aim is to improve services and projects by widening consultation, increasing participation and demonstrating impact.  We do this in a number of ways:

Evaluation and Impact Measurement

Eos will work with you to define your impact and to develop the tools to measure it.  Skilled in outcomes based accountability (OBA) and other methodologies, we can support you to put in place a process that works for you to tell your story.

Capacity Building and Mentoring

Drawing on two decades of experience in project development, assessment, management and evaluation, we provide tailored support when you get “stuck”.  Eos will work with you to unpick the challenge with your project/organisation and to identify solutions.

Consultation and

Our emphasis is on co-design and on ensuring that the voice of the service user/community is heard and included in the strategy development and project planning process.  Using a variety of tried and tested approaches, Eos will work with you to engage with your stakeholders in a participative and meaningful way.

Eos Community Consulting CIC takes its name from the Greek Goddess of the dawn – a symbol of new beginnings.  Eos brings a fresh approach to consultancy projects, embracing new methods and good practice and putting people at the centre of its work.


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