Eos Community Consulting CIC is available for  contracts which include:

Evidence gathering and data analysis – analysing data and statistics which are in the public domain to create evidence bases for action

Quantitative information gathering – design and analysis of surveys and questionnaires to gather information

Community consultation – design and delivery of consultation processes and events which engage a range of audiences and provide a representative perspective on planned activity

Strategic, operational and business planning – working with organisations to define their strategic direction and to develop plans which will help them to get there

Training and development support – non-accredited capacity building in engagement and participation; strategic and operational planning; measuring success; embedding 5 steps to well being in the work of your organisation

Workshop design and facilitation – tell us what result you are looking for and we will design a workshop or series of workshops to get you there (includes online workshops)

Impact measurement and evaluation – using a range of methodologies to conduct evaluation an ongoing or end of project basis; and supporting organisations to develop their approach to measuring their impact

Mentoring support – working with staff and/or committees to identify areas for development and related action plans